Unleashing The Full Potential Of Write Now

Unleashing The Full Potential Of Write Now by @LizaBlueWriter #writing #writinglife #anagrams

    I am ensconced at a self-imposed writing retreat in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan along the shores of Lake Superior in these last resplendent days of fall. I spot a few lonely ducks on the lake. I’d like to shoo them along on their southward journey. A doe pauses and stops at the…

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Fab Four Face-Off: What’s the Greatest Beatle Song Of All Time?

Fab Four Face-Off: What's the Greatest Beatle Song Of All Time? by @LizaBlueWriter #TheBeatles #FabFour #music

  I frequently drive between Marquette, Michigan, and Chicago, relying on a mix of podcasts to stay awake, most prominently NPR’s Fresh Air. On this last trip, I was treated to a trial subscription to Sirius Radio, where I found The Beatles channel. I enjoyed seven joyous and uninterrupted hours of Beatles music. One segment…

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Learning to Juggle Like a Pro – YouTube Skills Week

Learning to Juggle Like a Pro - YouTube Skills Week by @LizaBlueWriter #juggling #skills #youtube

  Juggling seemed like an achievable parlor trick as part of my YouTube skills week. I have reveled in the success of my other trick, a loud, piercing whistle with my thumb and index finger placed on my tongue, enough to call a cab or find my husband, who has vanished into the depths of…

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Learning Taxidermy Like a Pro – YouTube Skills Week

Learning Taxidermy Like a Pro - YouTube Skills Week by @LizaBlueWriter #taxidermy #youtube #lifeskills

An unexpected change in summer vacation plans left me with a solo week of unstructured time. Although I have become quite skilled in puttering and frittering, I didn’t want to fall into the abyss of bad TV, cheap novels, and cookie dough. I committed myself to a week of purpose and accomplishment. YouTube tutorials would…

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The Day I Burned a Piano

I stand in the empty living room, staring at the piano.  The gathering cold of autumn seeps into the unheated farmhouse, the temperature penetrating and raw.  After my parents died, first my mother, then my father, I have sold both their suburban home and now this weekend getaway.  I had asked Phil, the caretaker who…

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The Cherished Eyeball That Ultimately Led To My Career Path

The Cherished Eyeball That Ultimately Led To My Career Path by @LizaBlueWriter #eyeball #career #childhood

  Family Christmas Letter, 1963 “[Elizabeth] is in the 6th grade, no special interests, is good fun and pleasant company. Can’t really think of anything special to say about her…” Family Christmas Letter, 1964 “[Elizabeth] is a Beatles fan, likes to work with a microscope and slices up animals – spreading frog and mudpuppy guts…

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When Truth is Not Enough: From Non-Fiction to Fiction

The decision seemed trivial.  Nick and I were cleaning out my parent’s farmhouse after they died.  Only my mother’s piano was left, a big clumsy thing with pock-marked and tuneless keys.  Phil, the caretaker, couldn’t find anyone to take it.  We quietly stared at it together until Phil finally said, “let’s burn it up.”

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The Banana Incident

I hate bananas. Actually, hate is inadequate to describe the depth of my feeling. So is despise, detest, abhor, loathe and revile. Bananas assault all of my senses. The wet sticky sound when you eat them reminds me of dogs licking themselves. The smell gags me. The cloying drape of the peel makes me shudder.…

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First Evers, Chapter 2

1.  Respect I had heard about athletes being “in the zone.”  I particularly remember the Kansas City A’s hall of famer George Brett talking about those out-of-the-blue days when a baseball inexplicably looked as big as a melon.  Brett just couldn’t help but hit a home run and “go downtown.”  It never occurred to me…

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Key Take-Aways from 5 Hours of Religious Radio

Every month I make the 6-hour drive from the south shore of Lake Superior to the southern tip of Lake Michigan.  Except for Marquette at its northern outset and Milwaukee to the south, the route runs through rural country.  I usually travel with an audio book, but on the last trip, my Great Course on…

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