Anagrams: Extinction

Oh, to once again * * * * passenger pigeons darkening the sky,

At their peak a flock would take several days to pass on by.

They would alight on each fence * * * *, mass on barn roofs and seat sown seed.

A century later they succumbed to mass destruction and wanton greed.

The heath hen died as the Pilgrims killed them with sprayed gun shot;

These bewildered birds were then added to the settlers’ simmering stew * * * *.

Goodbye to the Carolina Parakeet, killed for the fashion of snooty aristocrats,

Who fancied feathers artfully decorating the * * * * of ladies’ hats.

The Great Auk was a flightless bird who swam along the Eastern shore.

Sailors said, “Why * * * * killing them?  There’ll always be plenty more.”

Until man * * * * to become a stalwart steward of our beleaguered planet earth,

We will continue to be imporverished as our diversity loses its net worth.